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Working with Roxy has been nothing short of fantastic! From the initial engagement through the multiple projects we pursued together, Roxy was clear and concise in their proposals and scoping of the work. They delivered top-quality, well-tested open-source software libraries that we can proudly share with the world. We would work with them again without hesitation and look forward to doing so.
— Alan Braithwaite, CTO and Co-Founder of RunReveal

256 Lights partnered with RunReveal to create pql, an open source query language that translates a simple pipeline language into database-agnostic SQL. After discussing RunReveal’s requirements, 256 Lights designed and implemented a custom parser and transpiler, with a special focus on user experience. 256 Lights held weekly meetings with RunReveal to present results and iterate on features, prioritizing the most impactful work. Within pql’s first week of release, it made it to the first page of Hacker News and currently has over 600 stars on GitHub.

Open Source

Prior to 256 Lights, Roxy Light has started multiple successful open source projects:

In addition, Roxy has contributed to many popular open source projects, including Go, Protocol Buffers, and Tailscale.

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